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Kundlini chakra activation Ki vidhi and mantra

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Kundlini chakra activation Ki vidhi and mantra

Kundlini chakra

Kundlini chakra

what is Kundlini :-

Kundalini is a spiritual center inside our body. This center is 7, it is in all creatures, but only a wise man can wake it. If this center is activate then it can be successful in doing supernatural work too.


👉1. Muladhara Chakra: –


This is the first cycle of the body. This is the “base cycle” with four petals between the anus and the penis. The consciousness of 99.9% people remains stuck on this cycle and they die in this cycle. Those whose life is primarily of enjoyment, sexual intercourse and sleep, their energy is collected around this circle.

🌺Mantri: “lum” 🌺


How to wake up: –

Man is beastless, as long as he is living in this cycle. That is why this cycle starts waking up constantly by focusing on enjoyment, sleep and sexual intercourse. The second rule to wake up is to follow the Yama and the rules and remain in the witnessing system.

Kundlini chakra jagane Ki vidhi and mantra

👉Tourism: –

When this cycle is awakened, the inner spirit of inner courage, fearlessness and joy becomes awakened. To attain the achievements, bravery, boldness and awareness need to be done.


👉2. Swadhishthana chakra: –

This chakra is located above the four Angul, from the penis genus, which has six petals. If your energy is accumulated on this cycle, it will be the priority of amusement, entertainment, wanderings and fun in your life. By doing all this, you will not know even when your life will end and your hands will remain empty.

🌺Mantri: “Vanm” 🌺

How to wake up: –

Entertainment is essential in life, but not a habit of entertainment. Entertainment also pushes the person’s consciousness into unconsciousness. The movie is not true. But by joining it, the experience you experience is proof of living your unconscious life. Drama and entertainment are not true

👉Tourism: –

On being awakened, cruelty, pride, idleness, disobedience, disobedience, disbelief etc. are destroyed. It is necessary to achieve the fulfillment that all these defects are over, then the Siddis will knock on your door.



👉3 Manipuriac Chakra:

This circle of blood character located in the root of the umbilicus is the third cycle, called “Manipur” under the body, which is composed of ten lotus petals. The person whose consciousness or energy is gathered here remains tune in to work. Such people are called Karmayogi. These people are ready to do all the work of the world.

🌺Mantri: “rm” 🌺

How to wake up: –

To give your work a positive dimension, you will focus on this cycle. Breathe in the stomach.

👉Tourism: –

By activating it, the desire for desire, jealousy, gossip, shame, fear, hatred, attraction etc. are removed. This cycle basically provides self-power. To achieve accomplishments it is necessary to be self-confident. To be self-confident, it is necessary to experience that you are not a body, but a soul. No goal of life with self-power, self-respect and self-esteem is not rare.



4.Anahata Chakra: –

The Golden Globe in the heart of the heart is the “Anahata Chakra”, with a lotus petals decorated with darshan golden letters. If your energy is active in Anahat, then you will be a creative person. At every moment you think of creating something new.

🌺Mantri: “Yum” 🌺

How to wake up: –

By meditating on the heart and meditating, this chakra starts waking up. Especially after meditating on this chakra before sleeping, it starts waking up with practice and “Sushumna” starts penetrating through this cycle.

👉Tourism: –

When it is activated, lipas, deceit, violence, mischief, anxiety, attachment, conceit, indecision and ego are exhausted. Being awakened by this cycle, there is awareness of love and sensation within a person. When it is awakened, the knowledge of the person begins to appear automatically at the time of the person.

The person becomes a very confident, secure, characteristically responsible and emotionally balanced personality. Such a person becomes very friendly and open-minded, without any selfish interests.

Kundlini chakra activation Ki vidhi and mantra



👉5 Vishuddha Chakra: –

There is a place of Saraswati in the veranda, where there is “pure chakra” and which is of sixteen petals. Normally if your energy is gathered around this cycle, then you will be very powerful.

🌺Mantri: “hm” 🌺

How to wake up: –

By doing restraint and meditation in the throat, this cycle starts to wake up.

👉Tourism: –

Being aware of it, the knowledge of sixteen arts and sixteen holy souls is attained. While it is awakening, where hunger and thirst can be stopped, the impact of the weather can also be stopped.



👉6. Curriculum: –

The “mandate-cycle” is in the glomerulus (between the two eyes in the eyebrow). In general, the person whose energy is more active here, then such a person becomes intellectually rich, sensitive and strong mind, but despite knowing everything he remains silent. Called “intellectual accomplishment”

🌺Mantri: “” 🌺

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How to wake up:-

This chakra starts waking up in the middle of Bhakutti, while meditating in the posture, in the witnessing process.

👉Tourism: –

There are immense powers and Siddhis residing here. With the awakening of this “mandatory cycle”, all these powers awake, the person becomes a perfect man.



👉7. Sahasrara Chakra: –

The position of “Sahasrara” is in the central part of the brain, that is, where the peak holds. If the person has reached here by following the rule of Yama, then he has become located in the delightful body. Such a person does not have any meaning with world, sannyas and siddhis.

How to wake up: – After doing yoga, meditate in the Sambhavi posture.

“Sahasrara” can be reached as soon as possible through “Muladhadar“. By continuously meditating, this “cycle” becomes awake and one receives the post of Paramhans.

👉Tourism: –

In this body structure there is a collection of several important electrical and biological electricity. This is the gate of “salvation”.

👉Krīya yoga method: –

By sitting in any seat,


(1) Take the air away from the nostrils and leave it with the right of fasting, fast after fasting 10 times, stop 11 in the chest, ie keep the nose with the left hand and chant the mantra.
About 1 garla mantra will become chanting, now tired
Slowly let go of the nathuna (chanting mantra continuously, keep on doing rituals with your hands)

Khechri Mudra this ride

(2) Take it from the right to the left and leave it twice, take it 11 times after fasting, ie stop the nose from the left hand. The mantra chanting of the mantra chant will continue to be chanted and leave the air slowly after leaving the nostrils after tiredness.

After doing this, do a meditation by doing two rituals and meditate for at least 15 minutes between Shanbhavi Mudra ie Bharkuti.

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focus word :-

Kundlini chakra activation Ki vidhi and mantra

How do you awaken the Kundlini , you also go to the mantras of Kundlini, but if you do not practice Kundalini awakening then this article has not worked for you, so I want you to practice, I pray with God! That your mind is engaged in activating your supt Kundlini.

Thank you.

क्रिया योग ,ध्यान योग ,मंत्र साधना शिविर में शामिल होना चाहते है तो संपर्क करे वाट्स अप नं 7898733596 साधना विषय :- 1.क्रीया योग की उस गुप्त साधना का अभ्यास जिनका, वीडियो या लेख में बताना मुश्किल ही नहीं नामुमकिन है। २. ध्यान की खाश तकनीक। ३. मंत्र योग की खाश विधि। ४. समाधी की गुप्त रहस्य। ५. कुंडलिनी जागरण की गुप्त और विशेष टेक्निक। 6. आर्थिक और आध्यात्मिक विकास के लिये विशेष साधना विधि नोट :- Lockdown के बाद साधना शिविर में शामिल होकर आध्यात्मिक विकास करें । यदि आप का भाग्य में गुरु क्रपा नहीं है तो आप अभागा हैं। और गुरु दीक्षा लेकर ईस दिन गुरू मंत्र का विशेष अनुष्ठान कीया तो अभागा भी महा पुण्य वान, माहा भाग्यशाली बन जायेगा सिर्फ श्रद्धा विश्वास रखता हो !