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Rule of success in practice

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Rule of success in practice

Anyone who follows the 9 Rule , whoever follows, can not even stop Trideva, even if any Sadhna will get success.

👉 Swaivayan:

By reciting the Yogavasant Maha Ramayana, Ashtavakra Geeta, Avadhoot Geeta etc., like the Nishi Self-contemplation Vishak Shastra, the mind comes from non-Self to self rest.

👉Mrmacharya: –

Unleash the millions of jewels without bravery, or do hundreds of rituals, your mind can not be won, and those who have won their mind, they do not even need to swear before any Goddess.

👉 Pranayama:

Pranayam destroys the stool of the mind. The mind becomes steady and calm after removing the attachment and Tamo qualities. Keeping the mind continuously in good deeds, the restlessness towards its subject-disorders stops. And the mind becomes qualified for self rest.


It has six powers in mind – sensing, memory, emotion, manisha, resolution and perception. By silence and pranayama these enlightened powers develop, and help in celibacy.


(Not excessive hunger) fasting = soul + residence, from the defeat of Alpa, the mind starts to be introverted by overlying desires.

Thursday fasting is sinless and virtuous fast. Every Guru devotee should fast on Thursday. “


The mind becomes light and lively by removing mental tension from prayer. Faith and fearlessness arises in mind, every day, we should pray to our Guru that I will dive into my soul, by crossing over Maya.


Always speaking the truth comes the infinite power in mind.


Despicion makes the mind elevate the thoughts and thoughts, so always think about it.


Abandoning the misdeeds ँ Chanting a long accent of the car and chanting the mind turns the mind into self-spiritual peace.

By taking these remedies given in the scriptures, acquiring pureness, equanimity and happiness, love increases with love and the seeker is always filled with bliss.

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क्रिया योग ,ध्यान योग ,मंत्र साधना शिविर में शामिल होना चाहते है तो संपर्क करे वाट्स अप नं 7898733596 साधना विषय :- 1.क्रीया योग की उस गुप्त साधना का अभ्यास जिनका, वीडियो या लेख में बताना मुश्किल ही नहीं नामुमकिन है। २. ध्यान की खाश तकनीक। ३. मंत्र योग की खाश विधि। ४. समाधी की गुप्त रहस्य। ५. कुंडलिनी जागरण की गुप्त और विशेष टेक्निक। 6. आर्थिक और आध्यात्मिक विकास के लिये विशेष साधना विधि नोट :- Lockdown के बाद साधना शिविर में शामिल होकर आध्यात्मिक विकास करें । यदि आप का भाग्य में गुरु क्रपा नहीं है तो आप अभागा हैं। और गुरु दीक्षा लेकर ईस दिन गुरू मंत्र का विशेष अनुष्ठान कीया तो अभागा भी महा पुण्य वान, माहा भाग्यशाली बन जायेगा सिर्फ श्रद्धा विश्वास रखता हो !