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What is asanastha meditation?

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What is asanastha meditation ?

Asana means that state of our body in meditation where we are resting in the soul, asanastha meditation means resting in the soul (atman nand).

asnastha maditation

The Asnastha meditation person is blissful in the “Chidamat Sarovar“(ocean of soul or chit).
It is like mystery, and if you understand it then it will ba a revolutionary aspect in our spritual world. It is almeasy to understand, and also difficult to trap in presence of ego.

guru dikcha kyo jaruri ha Dekhe

A person who is in asleep meditation gets blissful in the Chidamat Sarovar (ocean of chit),if he is not in such state he gets drowned.drowned here means sadness, happiness and emotion acquire from desires,that keep a particular connected to outer world which is full of suffering.

About the ZEN

Zen is a tradition of mystics in Japan. Ask them what to do for meditation, they say that do nothing, just sit down. Take care, when they say, do nothing, then do not do anything .its meaning is very deep: – do nothing, just sit down. So,Just do that and sit down and do not do anything!

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Because you did something that came to mind. The thing seems simple, but it is very difficult. The only problem is that it is difficult to sit. The eye started, the work started, the race started. The body appears to be sitting, but the mind is awake, something happened, and the desire to do something keeps moving in mind.


If you just sit down and do nothing, then meditate …. If you are asleep, just sitting, sitting in your soul, chanting Ram-naam, chanting Krishna’s memory and thinking of Goddess goddess is going on. Nothing is done There is no wave of thought, because that is also a karma. If you do not do anything, try not to stop the idea. Because that is also the act, that is also the second thought. Neither you are remembering God, nor the world.


Because they are all thoughts because they are all thoughts. No, you are repeating within that ‘I am the soul,’ I am Brahma, ‘I am Brahma, all this is nonsense’. There is no need to repeat all this, if all these ideas are there,just let tgem go don’t act ..just don’t.. don’t mean don’t. You are not doing anything Just sat down assume yourself as a rockor like a statue, within which nothing is happening, nothing is happening outside.

asanastha meditation :-

The name of this condition isasanastha” meditation. In Japan, this condition is called zhejiang, just sit down and fo nothing.. simply don’t act. Zen Myakir uses this method to get to his soul. Sometimes it takes twenty years, it takes thirty years, and then somewhere man can reach this stage in few second that it is by just sitting.

ashnashth maditation

ashnashth maditation

Upto a time we try to do all the rituals that is done in the name of Pujya or holy text, we will not be able to concentrate on Asanastha, and Gyan Yoga will not lead us to Samadhi. Kriya Yoga is also a tremendous process for reducing the habit of doing our work.

To get the meditation, first you should make the yoga practice, ie, meditation on Asanas, and you can get everything you can become successful in your life by simply following this.

. For information about Kriya Yoga practices,After doing Kriya Yoga, Ashnasth meditation , thank you see Youtube

क्रिया योग ,ध्यान योग ,मंत्र साधना शिविर में शामिल होना चाहते है तो संपर्क करे वाट्स अप नं 7898733596 साधना विषय :- 1.क्रीया योग की उस गुप्त साधना का अभ्यास जिनका, वीडियो या लेख में बताना मुश्किल ही नहीं नामुमकिन है। २. ध्यान की खाश तकनीक। ३. मंत्र योग की खाश विधि। ४. समाधी की गुप्त रहस्य। ५. कुंडलिनी जागरण की गुप्त और विशेष टेक्निक। 6. आर्थिक और आध्यात्मिक विकास के लिये विशेष साधना विधि नोट :- Lockdown के बाद साधना शिविर में शामिल होकर आध्यात्मिक विकास करें । यदि आप का भाग्य में गुरु क्रपा नहीं है तो आप अभागा हैं। और गुरु दीक्षा लेकर ईस दिन गुरू मंत्र का विशेष अनुष्ठान कीया तो अभागा भी महा पुण्य वान, माहा भाग्यशाली बन जायेगा सिर्फ श्रद्धा विश्वास रखता हो !